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InkQuest 2005

Its finally here! The moment you have all been waiting for! INKQUEST 2005!
Below is the quest. Your job is to answer all of the questions, and fill in 
the blanks. To prevent cheating, or guessing, I require that you know IN 
ADDITION to the answer: the room name, and the zone it came from. The ONE 
and ONLY hint is as follows: there are 15 zones, and 2 answers per zone, 
making a total of 30 questions. You may form teams amongst yourselves, or 
go in alone, however the prizes will not be flexible to groups; you will 
have to divide them up yourselves if you are in a winning group. All of the 
answers are reachable by any half-skilled player, however certain spells, 
keys, secret passages may be necessary to reach the answer. THIS IS NOT 
LEVEL BASED, although I reccommend level 11 due to the enhanced speed the 
vortex offers. Prizes will be awarded from my own personal stash, however
God+'s that want to pitch in for the benefit of the realm may also donate 
equipment to me for distribution *wink*wink*. Prizes will be equal to the 
effort that I feel is put into the quest. (example: if there is a lot of 
effort and it takes a week, you may get a simple and a few other goodies; 
if 10 teams answer all 30 questions, maybe it was too easy and the prizes 
will be lesser). I reserve the right to modify, add, or delete rules at 
any time, seeing as it is my quest. The quest will begin immediately, and 
will end one week from today (Friday, August 5th). Please do not share 
answers. I reserve the right to deny prizes to those who cheat. Enjoy!!

P.S. Please PM me if you plan to participate, so I can keep track of 
contestants. Thanks.

**************THE QUEST:******************

1) The bridge is rustic and (WHAT) with three arches crossing the pond.

2) Who was the 'Dark Mother of my Children'?

3) Who signed the following poster?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* No entrance! No way! *
* We'll be back when we is ready*
* *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

4) All non-(WHAT) visitors, please do not progress beyond this point, 
for your own safety.

5) The scroll of fire has been embedded (WHERE). The scroll glows hot, 
its heat killing and cleansing. Fire, the forge of the world, the spark 
from which would emerge the multitude of life.

6) As you first glance at the altar, you assume it has been carved from 
a piece of black marble. However, as you look more closely, you can see 
the fine lines of wood grain running across the altar. Indeed, this came 
from a magnificent tree, and was crafted by a master craftsman.(WHO'S) 
likeness, carved out of a large piece of onyx, has been placed just 
south of the altar.

7) What is the 3rd rule in backstabbing an opponent?

8) It is made from solid oak but appears to be very (WHAT). Its 
surface is covered in marks and scratches. A large burning candle stands 
directly on the table surface, tallow flowing down its sides.

9) (WHO) is in a state of shock. He has STRICT orders that anyone wanting 
to see him must first knock on the door. He is startled easily, and he 
absolutely hates it. But don't let his shocked state lull you into a sense 
of superiority - once he regains his composure he will most likely attack 
you, enraged that you violated the one and only law he really cares about. 
And if you are a gnome, god help you - (WHO) made the rule after the gnome 
chieftain and his guards barged in here several years ago and gave (WHO) a 
scare. They were repelled in a violent fight, during which (WHO) lost his 
left ear. And for that lost ear, and for the scare, he has developed an 
extreme hatred of gnomes, deeper than any other kobold in the world.

10) A knotted rope has been tied to a (WHAT) and lowered into the crevice, 
presumably to provide climbing assistance for those who wish to enter and 
exit the opening.

11) WHO is this:
Under normal circumstances, this large, burly (edited) might seem 
threatening. Yet the wine has clearly gone to his head and he invites you 
to make a hearty toast with him.

12) After blowing all the dust off the floor, you notice (WHAT)?

13) Who said these words:
"The greatest weapon of the facist,
Is the tolerance of the pacifist.
We've got to stand up and fight it.

When all of your wishes are granted...
Many of your dreams will be destroyed...

The final damage count was 84 Sad"

14) Name the room where Minne Pearl can be seen naked.

15) From where can you see flowers, and a town of people, allied under darkness?

16) The wall has a small glass window. Looking through it, you see... (WHAT).

17) Who wants to: "pay off his 'little' debt to Merrick, whom he considers 
nothing more than a petty thief and scoundrel."

1Cool What happened to the rest of the book?

You can make out some of the words on the page the book is open to:

"...Maurice spoke to the High Priests and Clerics. He announced his plans to
depart our realm. We tried to convince him that this is not right. He _must_
stay. What are we to do without Him? We argued. We ordered Him to stay. In
our fear of losing Him, we did not notice His anger building and building.

Finally, He roared in anger, and with a quick gesture, threw our High Priest
upon the altar and called lightning from the sky, striking down the High
Priest. We saw him writhing in pain and burning to a crisp. I still cannot
get the smell of burnt flesh from my mind.

Then He turned His attention to us. He looked at us, and His glare burned
right into our flesh. Red sores appeared all over us..."

In another entry, you read:

"Everyone is catching the sores. People are dying in hordes. I believe
Maurice is keeping His clerics alive to see the suffering we have brought upon
the people. My whole family is dead. We have given up burying the dead, and
now pile them up in unfinished portions of the catacombs..."

19) The wall carvings seem to be of aarakocra. Examples include an aarakocran 
spreading its wings while standing in a circle of fire, a row of aarakocra 
bowing low before a great bird, and a group of aarakocra taking flight from 

20) Scenes of dwarves discovering a river of molten gold and a waterfall of 
(WHAT) hang upon the walls.

21) WHO is this: The warrior looks bored and tired, but don't underestimate 
him. In a fight he is one wicked opponent, never settling for taking prisoners.

22) (WHAT) hovers within a 'cage' formed by a pair of overlapping, perpendicular 
rings of burnished silver. Each ring is decorated by six golden bands and each 
band bears a sigil that has been engraved upon it with great care.

Adventurers attempting to travel here
are eyed with dour suspicion and wonder.
We will make a profit from you, be forewarned.
Be it your gold, be it your life.

24) Before you stands an altar consecrated to (WHO). You tremble at the palpable 
energy flowing from it - a strong sense of good overwhelms you. Intricate carvings 
of hammers and lightning bolts cover its surface...

25) The engraved golden (WHAT) alloy is beautiful to behold and the raw emerald 
sparkles brilliantly. The craftsmanship is like none you've ever seen. It is 
stuck fast into the soil.

26) You gaze upon the statue of a colossal minotaur. It's the wimp of Mithas, 
the legendary...(WHO)! The Butcher, The Cleaver, The BodyPart Leaver! Staring 
at the statue, the following poem springs to mind:

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert...Near them, on the sand,
Half-sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is (WHOM), king of kings:
Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

--Percy Bysshe Shelley

27) (WHO) explains about wild magic: Eons ago, wild magic was far more common 
than it now is. Elementals are creatures of wild magic. This area was strong 
with it, and Elementals were common here. Now, wild magic has faded, and only 
a few large pockets of it exist anymore, although many small pockets exist.

28) (WHO) says, "Long ago, Lord Tynian the Creator sent me HERE to perform 
a special task. He sent me to GUARD one of his most prized CREATURES, and 
to protect his other creations from accidentally wandering into its dangerous 

29) Evidently (WHO) is fond of stripes, because everything in this shop is 
striped. There is a black and red woven striped rug on the floor. The walls 
have been painted with dark green stripes and even the lantern in the corner 
has stripes of gold around its base.

30) A spirit mumbles, "(WHAT)"
+|-|3 /\/\16|-|+y 5\/\/4rf

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