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Tynian: High levels picking on low levels (revised)
Sat Apr 23 09:27:50 2005
To: all
A10 revised to allow for looting of any gold that was on the victim.

It looks like a long-standing FYI post has vanished. I have restored
it, as it is still relevant.

Madman: hi levels messing with low levels
Sun Nov 30 16:57:46 1997
To: all

High levels oughta find better things to do than mess with low levels.

That said, there is code in to deal with level based differences, and to
police them. Too many policies that have to be enforced outside of code
is a drain on the game fun, and leads to assorted problem, most of which
arise out of uneven application of discipline for a variety of reasons.
Therefore, we have striven to code in the rules as best as possible. I
am sure there are some bugs/holes and we will do what we can to fix
them. But we want to have as much coded as opposed to
interpretted/applied as possible.

That said, in the case of hi levels picking on low levels, we officially
frown on it. And if a god+ sees it happen, and decides that something
should be done about it, then they may just show you what it is like to
be picked on by someone bigger than you. Maybe a rift...a death
spell...a trip to Scrie or never know. Be a bully and you
play with fire...


Clarification and examples below. My examples are much more restrictive
than I originally wanted to enforce. Alas, some of you found the lack
of concrete examples distressing. So, here we are -- nice, tight

High level: Someone outside of the PK range of the "low level,"
regardless of level.

Low level: All characters below 20th (effective) level (1st - 19th

"picking on": Taking an action against a low level character outside of
your PK range for the purpose of hindering, harming or intentionally
annoying or harassing low level character(s).

god+: Immortals of God or higher level that may show you what being
picked on by a higher level is like, should you engage in such behavior.
Not to be confused with what your own Immortal may do to you.

If it is harmful to the low level "target" character, LEAVE THEM THE

High levels don't need to help low levels get dead, whether that's by
trying to get them mob killed, or helping one or more low level
characters against another, or even unduly annoying a low level.

Q & A

Q1: What if I just summon a low level character to a PK? Am I picking
still picking on the low level, even though I'll get a bunch of PK debt?

A1: Yes.

Q2: But I thought it was okay, since we now get a lot of PK debt for
summoning someone into a PK.

A2: It's not okay. It _may_ be less likely that a god+ will do anything
to you. But hey, I wouldn't lose any sleep nor second guess a god+ that
did act on it.

Q3: What if I continuously close the only exit out of the room? Am I
still picking on him?

A3: Yes.

Q4: What if I'm just silencing (naturalizing, etc.) the room a low level
PK is happening in? Am I still picking on him?

A4: Yes.

Q5: What if I cast beneficial spells on my fellow low level follower in
the midst of a PK? I'm not hurting the other guy, just helping mine. Is
that okay?

A5: No, it's not okay. If the low level follower needs someone to heal
him, he should bring someone closer to his own level.

Q6: What if I'm in the room next door, and my fellow low level follower
flees and runs to me for beneficial spells?

A6: If you are not in the same room as the combatants, I would be
inclined to let it pass.

Q7: What if I just keep summoning the low level to me for no reason at
all? Am I still picking on him?

A7: Yes.

Q8: What if I'm just spelling up the mobs the low level is fighting? Am
I still picking on him?

A8: Yes.

Q9: What if I get the low level to follow me, and I lead them to a Mean
Aggressive Mob? Am I still picking on him?

A9: Yes.

Q10: What if I had nothing to do with the low level's death, but I loot
his corpse. Am I still picking on him?

A10: Not if you return his corpse to him ASAP. You can even keep no
more than three (3) items for your trouble and any gold that was on the
victim at the time of death (if your god and conscience permits it).
Otherwise, yes.

Q11: What if I had nothing to do with the low level's death, but I
sacrifice his corpse. Am I still picking on him?

A11: Yes.

Q12: What if the low level attacked me and/or it was a justified kill?
Can I loot him?

A12: Yes, so long as the low level attacked on his own free will (not a
confusion-induced kill, etc.).

Q: But lots of people have done it, and nothing's happened to them!

A: Well, bummer. Following that reasoning to its logical conclusion, we
couldn't punish anyone, because it's possible that people got away with
it before. Of course, I take a different view. You've been warned. You
did it anyway. You asked for something bad to happen to you. When it
does, don't cry about it.

Q: Does doing anything that "picks on" a low level mean that something
bad will happen to me as a result?

A: Maybe. It really means that if you do it, and a god+ does something
to you, it's your own fault, and in fact, you asked for something bad to

Q: What do I need to provide in order to investigate?

A: A cmdlog of everyone involved, and a note summarizing the
circumstances. If no one died, and it isn't an egregious case for
harassment, it may be that nothing will happen. Or maybe something
will. Take your chances and spin the wheel.

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