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Wylin: My 2 year anniversary party
Wed Sep 28 12:17:52 2005
To: all
We had a party.. sorry if you missed it.. It was a real hum-dinger..
As the guests were leaving, we gave them all parting gifts..
Now it's your job to go find them and make sure they don't wake up with a hangover..
A drunken monkey is here looking a little wobbly.
A drunken monkey says, 'oooo oo oooo ahah eee ee ooo ooo'.

l monkey p
You see nothing special about it.
A drunken monkey is in perfect health.

You peek at the inventory:
a bottle of bananna juice

This stumbling guy looks like he's just left the Enforcers' anniversary party.

l drunkard
Wow! What a smell!
A stumbling drunkard is in perfect health.

A drunken stumbler trips and falls on his face.

A stumbling drunkard gossips, 'Heya Wyliin, Tamar ish tryinn ta be stealing da boooze youoo gave ta me!'.

Wylin gossips, 'don't be trying to steal the booze I gave to him!'.

Tamar gossips (in elven), 'But...'.

Tamar gossips (in elven), 'He's had enough!'.

Wylin gossips, 'ok, I guess your right'.

This guy obviously has been celebrating the Enforcers' anniversary.

l stumbler
As you look at this guy you think 'what a guy!'. He's still slurping from a bottle.
A drunken stumbler is in perfect health.

A drunken stumbler is using:
<worn on head> some lady's undergarments

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