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Clue: the end of FoLK
Thu Apr 7 16:39:17 2005
To: all
All things come to an end ... and FoLK is no exception.

I'd like to thank my followers for sustaining me during my 2 1/2 years
as a Demigod on TFC. I really appreciate your devotion and understand that
playing time can be limited, which ultimately caused the code to retire me.

I'd also like to thank Tynian and the rest of the TFC staff for the chance to be
an Immortal on TFC; it's been an experience i wouldn't have missed.

To Wylin: Thank you, my friend, for your kind note.

To my dear sister Incarna, Cordir: Thank you for allowing me to participate in
the Triat mythology. And thank you for your kind note as well. It would be an
honor to have my Temple saved in the Museum as you suggested.

To the rest of the Immortal staff: (too many to list individually) Thanks for
being there to teach me, share with me, etc. etc.

To the mortals who weren't followers: Thank you for accepting FoLK and what
we tried to stand for as just that. My primary objective in leading my FoLK
was to see if a truly pacifistic following could exist on TFC, and we did for
2 1/2 years, longer than i expected to.

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