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Velius: Elf vrs. Dwarf
Sun Oct 2 15:54:17 2005
To: all
One day, an elven ambassador was resting peacfuly in an inn. Then a dwarf walks in, and
with a deep concern, he walks over to the elf and yells with anger, 'You need to leave!'
The elf looks at the tiny dwarf and begins to laugh, he then asks, 'And for what reason?'
The dwarf grunts and says, 'We are going to war, us dwarfs are going to beat you elfs!'
The elf laughs again and asks, 'With what army? The elfs have 10,000 of the best trained soldiers in the realm.'
The dwarf grunts and storms off.

The next day the dwarf storms back into teh inn, confonting the elf and says, 'My and 12 of
my boys from the mine all agreed we would take on the army, how about that!?'
The elf grins and says, well what about cavelry, us elfs have 2,000 strong horses trained and ready.'
So the dwarf growls and walks out again.
The next day the elf was sitting in the inn, waiting for teh dwarf, and of course the dwarf walks in like clock work.
The dwarf walks up to the elf and says, 'My brother from teh saloon agreed to lone us his 2 horses
and his trade wagon to take on your cavelry, so how about that!?'
The elf laughed again and said Oh-kay ok! well how about archers? Us elfs have 5,000 of the best archers in all the realm.
The Dwarf grunts again and walks out..

the next day the dwarf slowly walks back in, dragging his feet
The elf asks, 'Whats wrong?'
The dwarf replies, 'Im sorry, but the war is off.'
The elf trying not to chuckle, holds back his grin and asks, 'ohhh, how come?'
and the dwarf draggingly replies, 'Im sorry, but me and my boys decided that there is no way we could hold that many prisoners.'


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