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Analay: Azeworia picks on me.
Wed May 11 10:42:00 2005
To: all
I died in the white labrynth and tried to get my corpse back.
Azeworia marked me and portaled in to steal my corpse, he darked the rooms and i couldnt see,
I then continued to look becuase he had not grabbed it right away.
I had founded the room my corpse was in, but had to flee before i was able to grab corpse.
Azeworia marked me again and portaled into the zone and grabbed my corpse. He then logged off and told me to wait until he got back on.
I was wondering if this is illegal or not. The note tynian left stats that this is clearly a high level picking on a lower lvl.
No one was able to answer me for sure wiether or note this is a legal move so i toss it to all those who see this note.
If i am wrong please correct me but if not let justice be done.
Azeworai: few points
Wed May 11 12:25:33 2005
To: all

1: your 20+
2: i told u i had to leave for work and would be back
3: also told u i would give some back
4: also dont be so arrogant i darkend coz i didnt wanna fight the mobs
5: aze never picks on people unless with reason
6: aze is uber fantastic

Azeworai: re re re re
Wed May 11 20:53:26 2005
To: all
5: aze never picks on people unless with reason

further explantion of pick on..
2people Aze and Aze's lil finger
Aze looks at aze's lil finger and decids to be mean
Aze will follow aze's lil finger all around markin it and makin its life a livin hell
Aze's lil finger gets irritated and starts askin why why am i being mean and why dont i leave them alone
Aze's responce shrug just wanna have fun

Now Aze will kill anyone he chooses and the people who he doesnt want to kill already know

Aze sees aslan on, whee target
aze info's target till got location
aze goes strait to person and trys to kill them
Aze may succedd and he may not
but i wont waste my time pickin on her coz she now knows im on and the suprise is gone
ohh and isnt fate argoed against me? if so then she is fate, if not then why Doc?

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