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(located at port 4000)

Solaron gossips, 'I never learned to read. Thanks a lot for rubbing it in.'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'You know, that makes little sense considering you're an imm on a text mud man :P'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'and if you have some program that takes ALL this text and turns it into graphics, you'd better hook me up'.

Solaron gossips, 'I'm not sure what you just said because I can't read it! I've been mashing buttons together now for 11 years and somehow I guess'.

Solaron gossips, 'complete sentences occasionally appear amidst the garbage.'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'now THAT is talent?'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I know, it's really not Solaron at the keyboard, it's Son of Solaron, right? ;)'.

Solaron gossips, '*sigh* Blast! Foiled again! '.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'gotta get the feel for tTFC the right way? :P'.

Thor gossips, 'Actually, I used to know a blind lady that was in charge or area writing on a mud.'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'heh'.

Thor gossips, 'So you don't necessarily have to be able to read to mud.'.

Schwartz gossips, 'I bet you she could do a much better job visualizing than most of us can'.

Mack gossips (in common), 'here here..'.

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