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Cordir: Cycles
Tue Dec 6 19:29:14 2005
To: all

In times now past, Three walked these lands / the world changed in their wake
They followed ways passed down from One / the Triat's path to take
Two oathed to Weaver, then Ascend / to lead their own domain
One sought to gently educate / the other sought bloodstains

The Wyrm was found in vampric form / imbued in elven veins
Clue sought Embrace to wipe away / the hurt of heartbreak's pain
Her soft voice whispered comfort to / her Wyrmlings, Chyldren some
And those she loved, their valor proved / until her days were done

The mists of time swept 'tween the FOLK / and Lady they loved best
And taken in by friend and foe / devotion put to test
Weaver's heart was broken by / the loss of her dear friend
but healed to whole with pride and joy / Clue, faithful to the end

Incarna Wyld, Katrana claimed / the right of Hunt to lead
In mortal days, she heard its call / a briar heart took seed
Her laughter rang throughout the keep / her Hounds with joy pursued
their Quarry in that sacred rite / their swords with death embued

Her Huntsman stood beside her Throne / His weapons quick to maim
But none so deep as Fate betrayed / vows broken caused great pain
The Weaver raged - how could this be / a Path so cold and cruel
Her words struck back like sharpest blades / the Wyld would not be ruled

So discord rocked the heavens vast / this rift between the Three
Poor Wyrm was caught betwixt the Two / their rage like stormy seas

Then Change's call sang to the gnome / that sat the throne of bone
and Huntsman whispered words of love / their thoughts of hearth and home
The choice was clear, and cycles turned / in time there came new life
And Pattern broaded by a Thread / a babe that stilled the strife

Time heals all wounds, the sages say / and Cycles come and go
Old scars can fade when left alone / and winds of change have blown

Wounds of the past have healed betwixed / the Two and Huntsman bold
He walks immortal realms these days / His loyalty still holds
Wyld souls rejoice at his return / He forges a new path
The Triat Lore he leaves behind / Yet still feels Wylds wrath

What now remains for Triat ways / The Pattern isn't clear
Will others rise to take their place / Incarna to appear?
The Wyldess gone, the Wyrm as well / Yet Weaver still remains
But in the future, Patterns form / there may yet come great change

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