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Azeworai: my rant, bards..
Mon May 23 23:37:43 2005
To: all

I loved the idea of bards being able to learn higher than my impinvis
it made the game a lil more exciting
i want the ability to do that back, screw all the little whinie people
Coven did it with Mylk all the time noone complained....
now all the complaints coz what 2bards have it oook whos had it from getgo
and that dumb botr bard get names mixed up, but hell ohh boo hhooo make a bard and do it
coz its damn hard to make a bard work, hell bards should own the mud
OOC yes i have a bard and yes i did like playin him, but i love aze to much
so all the dumb people who dont think i know what im sayin will know i am speakin the truth

I would love to see bards beale to learn shaman and cleric spells
coz heck i believe they should beable to learn aleast 3spells they think are worth it from each class
and possibly make them bigger than a regulard classed char, coz hun bards gotta go thru alot of readin and alot of bs
to get it that high so hell let them!

long live bards and remove the cap from the setup, make bards free again
cudos to the botr bard for finly figurin it out and what its used for....
tookem long enough

Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave
Tynian: Bards
Wed May 25 15:19:55 2005
To: all
I wrote a note responding to Azeworai's bard note.

It was long. It rambled. It didn't get to the point.

I'll summarize.

1. The bard ability that allows them to memorize spells that can
potentially become more powerful than what mages can cast = Good

2. The bard ability that allows bards to 'learn' (i.e. permanently
memorize) a spell at a higher level than what mages can cast it = May be

3. Bards imprinting spheres with spells more powerful than what mages
can cast = Bad.

I recently curtailed #2 and #3.

I may have acted too hastily when I restricted #2.

#3 is bad. I have no regrets about prohibiting it.

If you have suggestions or feedback for bards, feel free to include me,
but be sure you also talk to Natilena. She's working on bard
development for version 4.


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