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Azrael: :)
Tue Mar 29 11:13:20 2005
To: all Azrael
Two years ago I was sitting in studyhall and was watching a classmate of mine play tfc.
I gave him a ton of crap the over the next few weeks... Why in 11th grade was he still playing a stupid game.
He gave me 10$ to make a character, and i have played everyday sence.
It's time for me to retire.
Almost everyone here knew me in one form or the other. Some hated me Most loved me.
Enought of me yapping.
There are many people who make his game great.
The immortal staff kicks butt.
All of ya in your own way rocks.
The players were great, tho we had some whiners it made the game what it is.
To Schwartz & the Circle: Many you guys were great.
To The Arch-Lich and The Conclave. Sorry i was not around more.
You are all family.
Lastly To my love.
Many days I loged on to see your sexy lil gnome face
You, my love are Truly the best

See yall around.
Slath(my frist char)
See yall around

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