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Azeworai: Im done
Wed Sep 7 15:09:47 2005
To: all
Rl is hell form me so i got to fuck with that
thanks to everyone
Sybill i love you and will always love you forever
Bliss U were what made aze by letting me be me
Molo, Lich I will always respect you U showed me what was and how i was going to be
Orpik Valo bros on the evil side
Talyn Dart
Quarnel Edge
All the old skoolers who knew me well
Alucard Rubi, Majere my gay lova
its time for this one to join yawl in the sky above
Tynian This mud is baddass and will be the best
Zarous u need to come back
Toku and Tamar yawl will forever be in my heart

i was just aze always and forever no other second chars that were worth a shit
so yawl know it was always aze who was in flight
bels weiderdo


AZEWORAI, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave
AZEWORAI, The Prevaricator of the COVEN
Rufus: Aze
Wed Sep 7 20:03:27 2005
To: all
Aze you know what we did togethor in Coven and it was a blast,
Best of luck with the Rl issues

Rufus, Kindred Blade of Fate
Rubicant: aze
Thu Sep 8 17:05:13 2005
To: all
Ill miss ya on here bro, ill see ya on aim or hopefully in a bar sometime =}
Like you said coven was badass had a blast with ya see ya aze

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