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Adso: A retired posting his retirement!
Tue Jun 14 15:44:21 2005
To: all
I'm retiring.
You might have thought that that was obvious, but i've been playing in other
forms for a good while now anyways, as i never had the time to devote to immortality.
A big thank you to all the people i've met on TFC over my time here
(created Wed Aug 11 99).
A special thanks goes out to all the FLIs that put up with me:
Cordir, Tripper, Solanthas, Katrana, Whitehawk, in order of joining.
Thanks too to all the people i loved to hate over the years, they're a big
part of what kept me coming back :)
A final thanks to Tynian for all the time and effort he's put into this, and made
the game a big part of my life for the last 6 years.
That's it! I'll be around to check how things are going from time to time.
My chars in order of creation:
(cause i always found this to be the best bit of a retirement)
Adso 30 warrior 30 mage, ambassador.
Mandrake 30 warrior 30 cleric 26 ordained
Otago 30 warrior 26 shaman (605hp beast!)
Sluuna 14 mage 14 thief 15 ranger (i think)

Be well guys and all the best.

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