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Mong's entry:
"Oh god, what is that? it.. it an ..ogre?! What the hell is he doing?!
Where are the city guards at a time like this?! Hey, everyone!! We got an
ogre in a halloween costume over here tryin to trick-or-treat with the kids!"
Sadly, thats what Mong has to endure each and every year at halloween. He
just wants to dress up in a costume (which he'd say is "totally sweet!") and
collect candy (which he'd say is "literally sweet!") with the other girls and
boys of Midgaard. "The Spire doesnt really celebrate Halloween", Mong said,
"and besides, spiders dont have very good candy. *points to a big pile of uneaten
spider candy from last Halloween*". This year Mong got his mom to take him to
the trading post to pick out a costume and boy is it snazzy! There is one problem,
however.. Its uhh.. ..a little small.. but Mong doesnt care. Hes as happy as a
clam in his new costume!

Mong is in perfect health.
Mong is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a flashlight illuminating a plastic Tynian head
<worn on finger>    (Token magic) a black plastic spider ring
<worn on finger>    (Token magic) a white plastic skull ring
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) a Glo-Stik on a string
<worn on body>      (Cheap) (Stretched) a plastic smock reading "Tynian the Implementor"
<worn on head>      (Cheap) a plastic Tynian mask w/rubberband strap and beard 
<worn on legs>      (Cheap) (Stretched) a pair of grey plastic pants
<worn on feet>      (Cheap) a pair of brown felt dwarf boots
<worn on hands>     (Sticky) the chocolate of about a dozen candy bars
<worn on arms>      (Cheap) (Foam) Tynian the Implementor muscle shaped arm covers
<worn about body>   (Warm) a jacket (it gets cold at night!)
<worn about waist>  (Official) the Tynian the Implementor belt w/talking buckle!(-"Its time for a reboot!")
<worn around wrist> (Cheap) a grey plastic wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Cheap) a grey plastic wrist guard
<wielded>           (Glow-in-the-dark) the white plastic Tynian the Implementor Warhammer w/action SFX!(-"CLANG!")  
<held>              (Full) a trick or treat bag with a SCARY picture of Orpik on it
<worn with pride>   (Fake) (Glow-in-the-dark) a plastic Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride>   a smiling jack-o-lantern sticker he got from the lady down the street
Apparently Natilena entered her own personal football team:
Natilena is using:
<worn on body>      a tight little cropped sleeveless shirt with a low neckline and long orange fringe
<worn on legs>      white socks with a band of orange at the top just under the knee
<worn on feet>      a perfectly cute pair of white tennis shoes
<worn about waist>  a very short white skirt with many orange pleats
<worn around wrist> a diamond tennis bracelet
<wielded>           a tickling feather!
<held>              one orange pompom and one white pompom
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Goddesshood
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) (Glowing) a handful of stardust

Myronides is using:
<worn on legs>      a pair of orange football tights worn unlaced and loose
<held>              an orange and white football helmet
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride>   (Purple Aura) (Magical) Amulet of the Tel'Quessir

Schwartz is using:
<worn on body>      an orange and white plaid long sleeved shirt
<worn on legs>      a pair of khaki trousers
<worn on feet>      a ratty old pair of white sneakers
<worn as shield>    a metal water bucket slung over the arm
<worn about body>   an orange vest stuffed with plastic cups and water bottles
<worn about waist>  a belt with several extra water bottles
<held>              an orange and white football helmet
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

Vance Velirum is: 50 Cent
Before you stands the General: leader of G-Unit and the star of Shady/Aftermath,
50 Cent. Swinging the legendary pimp cane known as The Magic Stick, you cannot
resist this man's hypnotically catchy beats, or hope to rival his flow. Swigging
from a jeweled chalice of expensive Cristal, he blows smoke in your face, flaunting
his dark, well-oiled muscles in a tight white wifebeater. Adorned in prodigiously
flashy jewelry crafted by Jacob himself, this hip-hop sensation is not one to be
upstaged by some brash young buck. His voice is an almost soothing monotone, but you
can tell that this man can handle himself in a heated rap battle. He's lived a rough
life, as evidenced by his prominently 9 gunshot wounds visible through his shirt, but
now he is the king of the mountain, enjoying the good life like a true gangsta should.

light: a Cuban cigar
ring1: an extremely flashy diamond pinky ring
ring2: a band encrusted with diamonds
neck1: The G-Unit Spinner chain
neck2: a string of #1 hits
onbody: a tight white wifebeater
head: a backwards cap tilted at a 45 degree angle
arms: sizable biceps
legs: a pair of baggy denim jeans with underwear showing
feet: a pair of Timberlands
about body: The "Get Rich of Die Trying" Mentality
waist: a braided leather belt
wrist1: a blingin' Rolex
wrist2: a VIP bracelet
weapon: The Magic Stick
held: a chalice of Cristal
wwp1: 24 carat square diamond earrings
wwp2: 9 bullet wounds

Liora's entry:
Before you stands an elven girl dressed as Supergirl, the mightiest--well,
second mightiest hero of the lost planet of Krypton. A petite girl with
flowing platinum blonde hair, she exudes a confidence never before seen in
this realm, standing with her hands on her hip and staring at you with her
icy blue eyes. Her short red cape flaps in the wind, but what really draws
your attention is her amazingly tight white t-shirt, which has a the red
outline of a diamond stitched into it. Inside the diamond is a large, red
"S" rune. Well, okay, so maybe it's not the shirt you're looking at...but
you can't help it. Your attention then shifts the the blue shorts she's
got on, which accentuate her curvaceous body, and are no doubt cutting off
circulation to her lean, but muscular, legs. The outfit is complete with
a pair of tall red boots that you've probably seen somewhere before at the
Mariposa Club...
Fearless, defiant, and at times simply immature, she is nevertheless
willing to fight with every ounce of her strength for the virtues of truth,
justice, and the Midgaard way!

<used as light>     (Glowing) Kryptonian Laser Vision [g|ts (14)]
<worn on body>      a tight white t-shirt with padding underneath [|AC 2 chr(3) ]
<worn on head>      a platinum blonde wig [|AC 0 int(-3) ]
<worn on legs>      a tight pair of blue hotpants [|AC2 chr(3) ]
<worn on feet>      a pair of red knee-high boots [|AC3 dex(3) mv(15) ]
<worn on hands>     a pair of red cloth gloves [|AC3 dmg(2) ]
<worn about body>   a short red cape [|AC1 none(12) ] (fly)
<worn about waist>  a suffocatingly tiny belt [|AC 1 (dex-3)]
<wielded>           Kryptonian Strength [AGAE|6-11 str(4) dmg(4)]
<held>              a map of Metropolis
<worn with pride>   a stitched red diamond with an "S" at the center [| chr(1) ]
<worn with pride>   the insignia of the Justice League [| hp(10) ]

Sabella's entry:
Vegetable dyes and hours of work have been combined to create patterns that
perfectly replicate the bark of a tree. They climb the lissome limbs of the
woman who stands perfectly, almost inhumanly still before you. Hair that is
normally a dark black has also been dyed in variegated tones of green and a
soft brown, perfectly replicating the patterns of light of the Southern sun
upon the leafy foliage of the Cilladellian woods. Her tresses stir as if of
their own accord, swaying in time to the breeze wafting in a distant forest.

Her clothing is deceptively simple: woven grasses form a modest sheath that
gives her a willowy appearance. Ivy climbs her calves and butterflies flit
about her, momentarily resting upon one arm or in her hair. Her silent gaze
is unearthly, holding the promise of seasons beyond counting.

Sabella, the Dryad Maiden of Kerri's Sequoia, is in perfect health
<used as light    sunlight dappling through the forest canopy
<worn on finger   a butterfly, alighted
<worn on body     a simple garment of woven grasses
<worn on head     a wreath of ivy and climbing roses
<worn on legs     twining vines of ivy
<worn on feet     a light dusting of forest soil

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