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Lins: The whole deal
Sat Jan 3 20:23:37 2004
To: all
Tuck's corpse was lost to something I could not control
Therefor I posted the first not. I wanted it recovered because I did not agree to actions taken.
It is, however, not my following, and I should not have reacted as such.
However, that still does not mean I agree upon what has happened.
I have spoken to Bliss and a few other people and they have convinced me I should not be so 'stupid' about this whole deal.
Therefor, I will not be 'unallied' with Dark, nor will I stop playing.
BUT, Darks should not expect help from me as long as it's January 2004. I can't let this pass just so easily.
I didn't agree upon it, and I still don't. Killing an ally to be is silly. That's my opinion.

Furthermore, I'd appreciate all help in getting Tuck reequipped so he can play happily again.
As well as I could, hopefully.
Thanks for reading,


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