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Wisteria: Walking versus vortexing
Thu Jan 22 01:52:59 2004
To: all
I *can* walk virtually anywhere on the mud. I have a huge
file of hand-drawn maps created some six years ago, and
now stored in my head. I can walk to the Monastery from
SC. I can walk to Skull Top, Aran and Lineaoth Valley.
I have sneaked past Frisnor on my way to Glas'horn, and
from there know the seaward shortcut to the sanctuary
of the druids, in the cliffs between Safehaven and Aran.
I know Ul, have explored the jungles of Cannibal Island
visited with Baron Marel, and know to avoid the entrance
to the Demon Realm while visiting the monks of the
monastery. I love sailing the river upstream through the
great city of Midgaard, to lose myself in the great mountain
meadows outside Malenest. Yet there are times when one
cannot hike this wonderful world. And those times often
occur shortly after entering it. Remove the vortex block,

Wisteria Lynx.

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