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Vorax: Adios, amigos (Warning: Long note)
Wed Apr 21 20:31:28 2004
To: All
As Zip:
It is with deep regret that I must depart from this realm. There have
been many people who have made my stay here enjoyable, sadly, many of
them have also left before me. It is for this reason that I too must
leave. There are several people I would like to thank for making the
game as enjoyable as it was.

Bliss - My Goddess, you were like a mother to me. I thank you for all
that you did for me and for giving me the opportunity to represent you
as your ordained. Without you, I would have had no home.
Vex - I am honored to have gained your trust. I thank you for sticking
up for me at time when I needed it.
Selune - Thank you for being my sister.
Neodis - Thank you for calling me 'Sis' all the time even though you
never got around to actually marrying my sister.
Katrana - I thank you for creating such a following that shocked almost
everyone. You gave me something to fight against.
Solaron - I thank you for being the enemy you are.
Khorlan, Sicarian - Most of my fun was had while you two were trying
to kill me as I leveled.
v Goodbye, everyone. *curtsey*
Zip, Elven Witching of the Ashen Moon
As Zeks:
i don't have much to say about leaving. i pretty much left long ago.
i thank bliss for putting up with me and all the stupid stuff i did.
isolas, i'm still your #1 fan even if you do say you found a
replacement, so there! dee, no matter what, i'll always be yours. :)

Zeks, Jester of the Coven
As Vorax:
No more grunting, no more drow, no more insanity. As with all things,
nothing remains the same. I wish I could stay and reach the goals I
had intended on, but that is no longer an option for me. I wish I could
blame my leaving on real-life issues, school, work, etc., but I can't.
I've been here since mid-late '97 and have seen many people come and
many more people go. I called many among them friends. Some left with
no notice, which was very sad when it was realized that they weren't
coming back. Others left notes explaining that they were leaving. In
either case, I lost people that I considered to be friends. They were
those that I could talk to and goof-off with. All-around nice people.
The ones you woudn't mind inviting over for dinner sometime. I had
thought of trying to list them, but the more I think about it, the more
names that pop up. I thought about trying to name the important ones,
but then they were all important to me.

Special thanks go to:
Tynian for giving me something to do in my spare time, and for creating
something to make me make more of my time into spare time. :)
Sirak and Molo, thanks for giving me a reason to hate Nashites.
Okk and Asia, thanks for giving me have a reason to love being a
Khore, you're OK in my book, no matter what anyone says about you. :)
Tokugawa, I expect to see more photos from the next GT, slacker!
Bliss and Kerriariadne, you two are great! :)
Wylin, *beer* Hope to see you at another GT. :)

To the rest of you, thanks for being here.

Vorax: To my patients and staff
Wed Apr 21 20:32:01 2004
To: All
Firstly, I appologize for leaving you without any notice. It was not
a decision I made lightly. For those of you who were patients, if you
still feel you need help, I point you to Clue's direction. Her FoLK
can teach you well. To those of you who were staff, if you still want
to help as you did, I also point you in the direction of Clue and her
FoLK. To the staff that wanted to provide protection, I would point
you in the direction of Wylin's saloon.

If you don't find homes in these followings, I hope you find a home
somewhere. Explore, learn, and have fun!


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