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Tynian: Version 4 Survey
Fri Nov 5 15:27:22 2004
To: all
You may be notified when you log in that there is a survey that you may
elect to take. The survey asks you to compare possible changes in TFC
Version 4, and choose the change you would most prefer. Each version 4
option is compared against every other option.

This survey will be used to help guide version 4 development.

Invitations have been extended to all characters that rank on any
in-game activity ranking (205 characters), as of Friday, November 5th.

The rules: Once completed, you will not be able to re-take the survey.
You may have multiple characters that are invited to take the survey. It
is entirely up to you whether to use the survey character/password pair
and take the survey(-ies) yourself, or you may sell, trade, give away or
otherwise dispose of the username/password pair that authorizes you to
take the survey. The issued password is randomly generated. It is NOT
the same password used to log the character in, so it's safe to give to
someone else, if you choose.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please read the
survey carefully. Please don't skip any of the questions. Don't worry
if you make a mistake; however, if you wish to start over, just close
your browser, and go back to the survey URL. Your previous responses
will be deleted.

The survey will be available at least until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH,
11:59PM. After this time, I may remove the survey at any time.

Survey invitations will appear starting in version 3.146d.

If you are invited, I encourage you to take the survey.

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