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Tynian: Version 3.145
Mon Aug 23 20:38:30 2004
To: all
Initial thug is set up with common skills. Thug-specific skills
will come later. Dwarf, giant-kin, human, minotaur, and ogre-kin can be
a thug. The remaining races (plus) human can be a thief. New
characters can select thug as a class. Class switches into thug are not
currently allowed. Thugs will be able to wear most (but not all) metal
armor. See HELP THUG for more information.
help thug
Thugs are the bullies of the world. They make their living by threats
and intimidation -- by looking and acting tougher than they really are.
They are not trained in toe-to-toe combat, though they can find
themselves in plenty of skirmishes, when bluffing proves ineffective.

Given their fearsome reputation (particularly as they get more
powerful), the authorities will often turn a blind eye towards attacks
on thugs.

Thugs can wear some (but not all) metal armor.

Ogre-Kin, Dwarves, Minotaurs, Giant-Kin, and Humans can be thugs.

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