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Tynian: Version 3.140
Tue May 4 00:35:42 2004
To: all
A fine has been instituted for carrying an excessive number of
random items in inventory. You are allowed 3 wearable random items in
inventory. Random items beyond this number will cause a fine (of gold)
that must be paid when you next log in. Only armor, jewelry, amulets,
rings and other wearable equipment is counted. Wands, scrolls,
fetishes, potions, and other such items are not subject to fine, nor are
items that are actually equipped. The fine system will begin after a
few days have passed, in order to give everyone a chance to get their
inventories in order. Also, newly-acquired random items will not count
as "fined" items for a short time (approximately 3 weeks), to give you an
opportunity to identify and dispose of newly "randomed" equipment.

Score now shows the total number if items carried by a character
(including in bags, worn, etc.). Score also shows the number of "fined"
items, or how many wearable random items you have in inventory past the
three allowed.

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