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Tynian: Version 3.139
Sun May 2 20:40:46 2004
To: all
Re-wrote equipment purging code. Time spent outside of safe rooms
forgoes the purging of worn equipment. 30 minutes per week spent
outside of safe rooms should prevent worn equipment from purging for a
week. More online time pushes the purge time out further. For example,
3 hours spent online in the course of a week should keep worn equipment
from purging for 6 weeks, with the current purge settings. Random items
will also purge in the same manner, with a purge time of no less than
one year. Items will not actually purge from Immortals, though the
purge times are also not adjusted based on online time out of safe.
Items stored with Mish will not purge. The goal is two-fold: to make
limited items more available to those that are actively playing, and to
frustrate equipment hoarding.

Fixed crash bug with killing avatars.

Fixed portal to PCs and mobs (again).

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