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Tynian: Version 3.135
Sat Mar 27 12:24:01 2004
To: all
Create mob "avatars," mostly for quest purposes.

Added option for lookfor that selects all magic types.

Added note in HELP GAME SETTINGS 2 that 'noeqloss' does not rescue
over-limit items.

Added guard command.

Fixed bug where bards did not have to memorize performances in
order to perform them.

Fixed bug that caused multiple backstabs when the no safe room
quest code is on.

Removed old diplomatic seal code.

Fixed crash-severity bug with Merrick. One of the rooms he
depended on has disappeared.
Tynian: Re: Version 3.135
Sat Mar 27 12:35:40 2004
To: all
As with all new things, they should be considered expirimental. There may
be unanticipated problems w/guard, for example.

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