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Natilena: The Bunny Quest!
Wed Aug 18 09:13:51 2004
To: all
Teams entered:
Wish + Team
Team Bophocke (Locke and Bophal)
Team Conclave Brown Ale (Valo, Wisteria, Themis)
Team Cool (Valgar and Dart)
Team Naked Dancing Elf (Erian, Arella, Isolas)

Is this correct? (i wasn't sure how serious suffer was :P)

To determine the start date I am waiting for a word from Tokugawa. After it
begins you will have 4 consecutive days (2 weekend days 2 weekday days in
some combination) to find the hidden bunny warrens, taking a token from the
place as proof. Saying 'help me' when a bunny is near might get you the
clues you need to solve the puzzle and find them.

In the case of a tie, i'll err.. do something drastic that I haven't come
up with yet.

Prizes will be:

(prizes are awarded as a package to a team not to each individual member)

1 Tynian type prizey upgrade to any 1 following avatar
+10 mana to a piece of FLI equipment
1 level 30 3 charge enchant relic, alignment of your choice
+2 ac to any 1 piece of equipment
1 big bunny bag (each team member)
1 nodrop flag to either a single container or a single weapon.

+5 mana to a piece of FLI equipment
+1 AC to any 2 pieces of equipment
1 big bunny bag (each team member)

1 big bunny bag (each team member)

You still have time to enter or adjust teams if you wish.

As for the mini quests Bophal came out far ahead with reports turned in
exchange for xp and quest potions. *ponder* though im not sure who
killed all the badgers for their prizes!

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