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Jaerith: The Tuck Situation
Sun Jan 4 09:16:37 2004
To: all
While I may agree with your sentiment, Lins, I have
seen far too many deaths fade into the night in the
name of "alliances" and "pacts". I've watched the
evil in this realm eat itself from the inside out,
wondering what mistake I was making or how I could
fix it.

Sadly, there is no fixing it. Evil is destined to
destroy itself, and there is nothing I can do but
help facilitate it's end. Such deceptions and acts
of mistrust will continue to happen so long as there
is such a lack of honor between Individuals of the
realm. It's Tuck's own fault for associating himself
with Untrustworthy people.

-Jaerith, former Druid of the Rose, Malla d'lil Veldrin
Enforcing Good, and Alcohol.

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