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Tynian: Tiax has retired
Wed Mar 10 16:12:04 2004
To: all
Tiax has retired.

Thanks for your hard work and excellent following work, Tiax.
Best of luck to you!
Riella: Tiax
Wed Mar 10 17:37:48 2004
To: all
Thanks to all who made it fun, hope to see you around *hugs* Rie
Solaron: Tiax
Wed Mar 10 18:13:00 2004
To: all

You'll be missed... one of the few FLI's I really liked and respected.
See you around.
Wisteria: Tiax
Thu Mar 11 07:11:26 2004
To: all
Your confidante will miss you. Thanks for a great following
and great times. Do show your beard now and again...


Wisteria Lynx, Lieutenant Confidante of the Sun
Grale: Tiax
Thu Mar 11 12:33:16 2004
To: all
Goodbye, old friend....
Thanks for everything, and best of luck....
Simalrion: Tiax
Thu Mar 11 13:12:47 2004
To: all
Goodbye you will be missed greatly.
Tiax: Retirement
Thu Mar 11 15:22:04 2004
To: All
Greetings all,

It's time for me to go, I had a great time and denying that would be a lie.
However the time came for me to look at my goals and position,
and I realized I can't make these goals anymore.
Therefor it's time to leave.

I bid you all farewell, and hope you'll have loads of fun.
I don't want to thank anyone specifically, cause every player makes this mud fun
and in some way or another, we'd prolly met in game and either exchanged smiles or
punches :)

Keep it challenging, and see you around,

*signed with a slowly fading T*

PS: I left a personal message for my followers on the forums, go read it!
PPS: For all those who asked already:
I am not taking with me the area I was building, it's finished and will go in
when Tokugawa wants to (so ask him:P)

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