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Tynian: Thug info
Tue Sep 7 08:41:27 2004
To: all
Thugs are not yet available to be dual-classed into. I wanted thugs to
be available as a starting class for a while, first, before people
starting making the irrevokable change to thug with existing characters.

Thugs come with no guarantees at all. They could go from being the
least powerful class, to the most powerful, and back to least powerful
again. Skills may come quickly for them or slowly. In short, it's a
new class in flux. Please be prepared to deal with that PRIOR to
creating or switching into a THUG class!

Finally, I will allow any race to SWITCH INTO thug for a short time,
regardless of race, as a bonus to the existing characters. Maybe you
want to be a halfelf or elven thug (HA!). Thanks to Tamar for
suggesting this.

Once the class restrictions are in place, in place they shall stay.
Currently, thief is also still available to classes that will soon lose

Thug will be available as a class to switch into soon; HOWEVER, DON'T DO
IT, unless you can deal with a class that can change wildly (for good or


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