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The Tides of Chaos Return

**A vision overtakes your mind, you catch a glimpse of what appears to be a meeting taking place in the Keep of the Wyld Hunt.**

For the first time in a millenia, the Wyldess yawned, "I grow bored, my lovelies. We have allowed ourselves to be bound within rules and limitations. We cut the Threads of the same individuals day in and day out. I am weary of stale pleasantries and barely-hidden disgust from our allies'."

The Wyldess slowly stands from her ornate throne of bone and stretches.

"My dearest lovelies, I am about to propose something. You all know I hate making decisions that will impact you, without speaking with you all first. Our Threads are bound, more tightly then ever. Just as a stone thrown into a stagnant pool, my actions will affect you greatly."

Katrana walks to the floor of the keep, looking at each follower in attendance.

A stocky dwarven lad, with two mugs of ale directly in front of him stands slowly. "M'lady, I told ye when I first joined up, I'll be with ye 'til the end. I trusted m'lady Bliss to make those decisions, and I was with her 'til the end. She to this day does not leave m'thoughts. And now, I be dedicated to ye Miss Kat...'til the end and beyond. I believe each member of Hunt feels that way. You are our goddess, and we gladly go forth and do as ye ask."

A shadowy figure steps from the darkness behind Katrana's throne. "My wife, my goddess, you know that each of us worship you, and believe completely in you. You touched each of our lives, and placed chaos and passion within them. We gladly do as you command, even if that means our own Thread is in danger. Several of us have been given the gift of Rebirth, and with each, we grow stronger. If this change means we need to look at Death, Rebirth more often, then we gladly welcome it."

Solaron approaches the throne, and elegantly bows before the Wyldess.

Arianas then grabs a mug of ale and holds it up to Solaron and Katrana, nods, then drinks.

Katrana smiles, "My beloved Huntsman, my Snugglykins. Thank you."

Katrana then smiles sadly, "My dearest lovelies, I realized something of late. I have let my mortal kindness stay with me throughout these years. Each of your Threads are bound to me. Thus in return for your loyalty to me, I give you mine. However, I have cared too much for those outside of these walls, and that my dears needs to stop, for I represent that of which is chaos and change. How can you go forth and cause such, if I suspend your rights to? I do know that some of you seek to protect some of those who aid you. Those worthty enough, shall be noticed by me. I shall give very few lifetime no attack pacts, those who are granted as such, shall be held in the highest regard by each of you, consider them am extreme friend of the Hunt."

Katrana shuts her eyes a moment in thought, after a moment she speaks, "I will grant a no-attack pact, for the duration of an Outworld month, to those who seek it out, given that I approve it. However, those people will also be made publically known. I grow tired of people acting as if they are our friends in one light, but then are our enemies when asked of our relations. The entirety of the Realm will know who aids us/who has sought out sanctuary. As for the issue of marriage outside the Hunt...those with spouses outside Hunt will not be touched, as their Threads are bound to those within these walls. Those merely courting shall not be, unless they seek our sanctuary as the rest of the Realm."

Katrana nods slowly, "That is all my Wyldlings, does anyone have anything to say?"

A lithe elven figure slowly descends from the second floor of the keep. "Oh bashing people is always fun!"

Katrana nods to her Treasure Hunter.

"But I just have one last thing to say Kat."

Katrana smirks, "What's that dear?"

Locke yells, "You smell!" Then starts to fly to Katrana hand extended, as if to slap her.

Katrana rolls her eyes and utters the words, 'sleep.'
Locke goes to sleep.

The elven figure falls ten feet to the floor with a loud THUMP.

Katrana says, "Anyone else have anything else to add?"

**Your vision of the Keep fades from thought.**

Katrana shouts to the Realm, "I give the Realm warning, all no attack pacts shall be dropped. You have one week to prepare, for the Outworld date of June 25th the now stagnant pool will be overcome with chaos. Some members of the Realm have been given a lifetime pact. If you are wondering if it is you, please get clarification before the date posted."

The Hunt is on, June 25th.

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