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Bliss: Teeny little game!
Sat Sep 4 12:58:09 2004
To: all

Bring me a steak/bag or some object that reminds you of the following:
a rabbit (any kind)
a duck (any kind)
a chicken (any kind)
a guard (any kind)
a frog (any kind)
a snake (any kind)

The objects that remind you of the mobs are left to your imagination, but
points will only be awarded if they make me laugh or are consistent with the mob,
ie, for a chicken, if you brought me a "roasted chicken" that would be fine.

You have until 1:30 p.m. mudtime! Go!
Bliss: Teeny little game winners!
Sat Sep 4 13:19:49 2004
To: all
Congratulations to the winners:
Melisande, faster than a speeding bullet, came in 1st!
Valo, craftier than a fox, came in 2nd!
Leda, super cutie, came in 3rd!

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