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(located at port 4000)

Market Square
[Exits: north east south west up]
You are standing on the market square, the famous Square of Midgaard. 
Above the center of the square swirls a grey vortex, looking both
ominous and intriguing. Roads lead in every direction, north to the 
temple square, south toward the common square, and Main Street
through Midgaard runs east and west.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.
A deep well is here in the center of the square.
(Light Blue Aura) A janitor is walking around, cleaning up.
Slue, the Canadian Mountie, is polishing his blade.

l slue p
A sharp looking young man with muscles bulging all over his body.  You can tell by
the look in his eye he enjoys seeing all the Canadians very happy and smiling!
Slue the Canadian Mountie could sell you the Bog and you would thank him.
Slue the Canadian Mountie is in perfect health.

Slue the Canadian Mountie is using:
<worn on head>      a wide brimmed mountie hat
<worn on legs>      some black pants
<worn on feet>      a pair of tall black leather boots
<worn about body>   a sharp looking red coat

You peek at the inventory:
an executioner's axe

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