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Skie: Retirement
Sat Aug 7 23:32:13 2004
To: all
After nearly six years of time here, I choose now to officialy
retire. There's a lot of reasons for this, and it's not the fault
of the mud staff or any changes that have been made as of late. It
spans from RL to a few in game issues that aren't going to work
themselves out. I made a lot of friends here, many now gone, some
still here. I'd like to thank all of the immortals I've followed,
with all of my characters. Majere especially.. we had a lot of fun in
Rose. Solanthas as well. The WarDancers were one of the best followings
I've been in. Katrana, thank you for taking me into your following
and treating me with such kindness. Even after all those messed up
conversations on WarD and Hunt ftell. To all of the others, thank you.

To all of the people who have made the game fun for so long:
Thanks for all the fun times, and take care of yourselves, in game but
more importantly, rl.

And of course, much gratitude goes to Tynian.

Have fun guys,
Skie, AmbianT, Solgrim, Nicolas, Malis, Dezmond, Simalrion (original),

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