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Rubicant: cordir
Tue May 11 22:03:03 2004
To: all
I want to join fate, hopefully I can do my part to save the mud from dying
Leave me a note or drop me a line on forums when you can
Malakost: Re: Rubicant
Thu May 13 09:35:43 2004
To: all
Rubicant the fate.. I can see it already. This is great...

Newbie asks Rubicant, 'Do you have a weapon i can have?'

Rubicant replies, 'no way dawg, i dont help n00bs like u'
'i'll make u tap out'

Newbie cries... Cordir gets upset, then all hell breaks loose.

Good thinking Rubicant! ;)

Malakost - Who would work as well in fate as Rubicant

Doesnt fate just need a few bloodthirsty killers?

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