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Tynian: Robert
Fri Feb 27 13:13:04 2004
To: all
Robert is retired.

Thanks, Robert, for your many valuable years with TFC!
Pardoquilian: Robert...
Fri Feb 27 13:49:56 2004
To: all
.    H      H   U      U     GGGG      SSSS
.    H      H   U      U   GG    G    S    S
.    H      H   U      U   G          S
.    HHHHHHHH   U      U   G   GGG     SSSS
.    H      H   U      U   G     G         S
.    H      H    U    U    GG    G    S    S
.    H      H     UUUU       GGGG      SSSS
Twelf: Robert / retirement
Fri Feb 27 17:26:02 2004
To: all
i am sorry to see you retired
& i wish you all the best! twelfie
Duvel: Robert
Sun Feb 29 05:41:54 2004
To: robert all

Many years of memories, of tales told in the Hall of Unity, is all that
remains. I was there, the first to worship. I was still there in spirit,
to the end - intending always to return, though the good intentions have
not become reality (yet). Your legacy covers almost ten RL years, more
than half of which as the Lord of Unity. You will be sorely missed,
great twiddler.


Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

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