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Jyllix: FYI
Sun Jan 25 17:43:22 2004
To: all
Rincewind, formerly of Coven is no longer.
He has joined the likes of Hunt and will die repeatedly for it.
This has been your informative post, do not mistake him for Coven any longer.

Jyllix, the Paradigm
"it has been said, therefore it shall be done"
Rincewind: My descision to worship Kat
Sun Jan 25 17:53:21 2004
To: all
First of all I need to dispel rumors that Mael and Vex are following this example.
Totally untrue and I never claimed it to be so.
Secondly a brief reason, I feel the power is all in one place, and it's not going
to get any better, unless someone can stand up to Coven
If hunt gets smashed down, Coven wins, Coven rules game, no fun.
Call me what you will I am just trying to do what I think I should do
Oh and yes, one thing is true, you will be seeing some new hunts very soon.
Kayura: re: Rincewind
Sun Jan 25 21:05:15 2004
To: all

Muah ha ha, call me a witch prophet! Top heavy.
Jobano: Re: Rincewind
Mon Jan 26 11:12:37 2004
To: all
Well, IC, I'd say that Rincewind made a bad choice and that he will die and burn for his Huntiness.

OOC, on the other hand, I would have to agree with Rincewind wholeheartedly. I remember back in the
day, when it was basically everyone vs. Clave. That was when Blue meant Blue, and Red meant Red. We
stuck to our alignments. Tigers, Coven, Clave, Unity. As long as I've been here, those were the best
Dundrave: Rincewind
Mon Jan 26 12:41:36 2004
To: all
I am impressed with your courage, Stick with it and show us what you are worth.

Dundrave, Blood Zealot of the Black Conclave
Minot: Rincewind, and all you INFIDELS
Mon Jan 26 23:33:09 2004
To: all
Your belief that you have choice in any matter is obtuse. <mooooo> It
will not be long before you realize this, praise Nash. Coven, Hunt,
so-called 'red' or 'blue', 'unaligned' -- it matters not.

Check your Nashite Bible, and it will quickly become clear you are an
infidel. Weak, cowardly non-believers all of you!!

May your infidelity be rewarded by Lord Nash, our Creator and Destroyer,
with the swift albeit meager offerings of your corporeal and ethereal
essences. Hold your measure of honor and take satisfaction that you are
at His whim, as are we all.

<moo> It will not be long before His perfect eyes refocus upon this realm
and all of you Non-Believers, from every traitorous or excommunicated
immortal on down, find yourselves in Master's offering pit. Every foe
past has fallen, as it shall always be. A rude awakening lies before
anyone who believes differently.


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