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Saavik: RenFest GT
Wed Feb 4 00:08:01 2004
To: all
Once again it is time for the annual RenFest GT!
Normally FoolKiller handles the RenFest GT but this year with his schedule as it is, He has asked me to handle it for him.
Date: March 13th 2004
Where: Arizona Rennaissance Festival
Time: 9:00am - Gates Close
We will meet outside the front gate at 9:00am and wait for the group till 10:15am before we all go in.
If your running late the first show we always take in first is The Torguge Twins!
If you have any questions you can email me at
Those already planning on attending:
I will up date this list as emails come in!!

Saavik, ment to turn right at the bridge! *Mirth*

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