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Bliss: Redemption of Natilena and Bliss Quest Prizes
Thu Dec 9 10:43:44 2004
To: all

To avoid any future confusion on the question of redeeming
the random quest prizes Natilena and I award for various quests,
if you *insist* on taking the prize ticket with you to redeem
at a later time, we will add your name to the prize. It will only be
valid if turned in by the person named on the ticket. This means

1. If it is lost or stolen, you will NOT be awarded a new prize ticket.
2. The person that finds/steals the ticket will NOT be allowed to redeem it.
3. Mish CAN safely store prize tickets!

If you want to use the ticket as part of a trade or sale,
keep the above information in mind and know that we will require
the named prize holder to make arrangements with us, as our time permits.

Lost or stolen tickets prior to the posting of this note shall
be handled on a case by case basis, but know this: I kept notes.
I will give the prizes to those that earned them, not those
that now hold the ticket. If there is any funny business going on
to attempt to cheat the prize awarding system, you will DIE
along with anyone else that happens to be standing next to you
or is in the same room, or even the same area. YOU WILL ALL DIE!

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