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Tynian: POLICY8 updated
Sat Dec 18 00:03:43 2004
To: all
Next reboot, HELP POLICY8 shall read as follows:

If you have evidence or proof of wrongdoing, post a note to 'god'.
Indicate in the note the preceived violation and what proof or evidence
of wrongdoing you have, and a god+ will investigate. It is very
important to get a CMDLOG or COMMLOG of the incident, if possible (HELP
CMDLOG). Any additional evidence that you may have, such as Instant
Messenger (IM) logs, e-mails, and mud client logs, will be accepted as
secondary evidence, to help support a CMDLOG/COMMLOG and/or relevant
system logs (primary evidence). You should report the incident
immediately. Complaints that aren't timely may not be investigated.

An unsubstantiated accusation may seriously damage a person's
reputation. It is for this reason that making such (unfounded)
accusations is in itself a punishable offense.

If anyone, mortal or Immortal, makes an accusation of cheating without
evidence or proof, the accuser will suffer extreme consequences. This
includes accusations of inappropriate off-mud communication without
corresponding evidence.

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