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Faile: Our recent behaviour
Sat Jun 5 06:25:47 2004
To: all Lady Cordir and Chosen
This is mostly directed towards the Chosen of Fate,
and to the few who were online "that day."
We would like to apologize for any disruption caused
by our brief display on gossip/cant. We had a
situation with Cordir, and would not have gossiped/canted
had we not been removed from ftell and pray.
All is well now, no need for concern, we're back to our
usual, helpful selves. We would, however, like to apologize
to Lady Cordir for our untimely rant and any frustration it
may have caused.

To those of you who do not know what this note is about,
disregard it if you wish, to those who do, there you go.

Deyanira and Faile, fatefully chosen.

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