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Harkle: Retirement
Sat Jan 31 04:48:27 2004
To: all
I just wanted to say that I am not retiring. I plan to
play frequently, and possibly die often..though I plan
to take a few down with me. Hope to see you all..umm..
tomorrow. cheers.

Neodis: recent changes and retirement
Sat Jan 31 15:57:50 2004
To: all
I think the recent changes are intelligent. Not something you'd
expect to hear from an evil who now has to suffer the benefits
that good clerics have gotten. I know I'm rather frustrated with
dispel evil as it is. But I think it just might be code that has
been implemented to balance the power structure. OR Lord Tynian
simply thought it was more appropriate this way.

Also I'd like to pick up on Harkles thrust and also declare
that I will not be retireing. Much to the disappointment of many
I'm sure. I will be here as long as I'm not banned or deleted...
Actually if I'm deleted I'll just start over so that won't work
sorry. :P

What ever has happened, I'm really interested in this new spell.

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