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Noctus: Recent events
Fri Nov 26 17:47:09 2004
To: all
As some of you might know I died at the undead ofcol area yesterday.
This happened after I lost my internet connection completely (noone to blame but my provider)
I could not log in untill this morning when I found out that I had died
and that someone had apparantly looted my equipment.
I would really appreciate it if someone would have the honor or guts to admit this.
I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me reequip.
Who have helped me reequip twice today as a matter of fact.
Valo decided that he wanted the few items I was wearing
At first I thought he just wanted to annoy me by sleeping me
but it turned out that he actually was after my equipment.
I was busy with my lovely little baby girl so I just watched and sighed
Not because of the eq-loss. I can live with that.
It's because some people lack the understanding of the word game.
Like many others I've doubted if I should stay around here
and I will not quit right now, if only to avoid being one of many who retired after losing their eq.
but both these incidents proved to me that TFC is no long the home that I loved for the last 9 years or so
and there is nothing Lord Tynian or any of the other immortals can do about this.
Guess TFC is more like the real world than I wanted to admit for a long time.

Greetings, Noctus. Chosen Blade of Fate

ps: I don't want people feeling sorry for me, this note is not to whine.
It's just to explain my feelings and the situations. Else I'll have over and over again.

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