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(located at port 4000)

(this is from natilena's point of view, and was edited by her)

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Grats, Natilena!!!'.

Rufus gossips (in common), 'grats!'.

Stouthbound gossips (in common), 'Congrats!'.

Vidal gossips (in common), 'woohooo'.

Legionaire gossips, 'gratz'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'ACK!'.

Rufus tried to spy on you.
You say, 'you could have warned me first'.

Drakar tells you, 'Congratulations.'.

Someone says, 'I did'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'i mean Gratz!'.

Rufus cants, 'weeeeeee'.

Boromir cants, 'COngratulations Lady Natilena *bow*'.

Someone says, 'A few minutes ago'.

You gossip, 'thanks!'.

Someone smiles happily.

You laugh.

Someone says, 'You mean aside from that?'.
Someone snickers softly.

Kethran gossips (in common), 'Grats, Natilena!!!!'.

Your effective level is 73

Version  3.142d of TFC was compiled on 05/20/04 at 12:27.

14 players.
Min [     Ambassador    ] Legionaire, The King Mino of newbie helpers
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] DarkClaw bites, Naturally.
Hum [ Th:26 Ra:30 Sh:30 ] Valgar, El Capitan of Righteousness       *Rose-CC*
Elf [ Ma:21 Wa:20 Th:20 ] Rufus, Elven Shadow of FoLK -=Kindred=-
Elf [    Ma:21 Ra:20    ] Vidal.                  :%
Ogr [       Wa:10       ] Stouthbound: yes, the original
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Boromir Ambassador of Fate...Taoiseach...*T2MQFC*
Elf [      Goddess      ] Natilena: fee fi fo .. err whats after fo?
Dwa [ Th:20 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] DogDaze: Guess who's Blue with Clue?  FoLK
Elf [ Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai Prevaricator Coven/Sybill/Last Will Holder
Hum [ Th:22 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate
Elf [     Ebon Blade    ] Kethran, The Mack Truck Blade of Fate.

It is 10pm on Zoardryn the 15th, the month of the Dawning,
in the year 2655.

TFC started up at Sun May 23 21:21:38 2004
The system time is Sun May 23 22:28:23 2004

Boromir tells you, 'once was not enoguh? :)'.

Vidal tells you, 'congrats'.

Boromir gossips (in common), 'going evil?'.

Vidal gossips (in common), 'um not an fli right'.

You gossip, 'ooo im very evil'.

Rufus cants, 'now she can rift us all :('.
Boromir cants, 'she cant'.

Boromir gossips (in common), 'your aura is going to be? ......'.

You cant, 'but i enjoyed watching Rufus die!'.

DarkClaw cants, '*laugh*'.

Rufus cants, ':('.

hug rufus
You hug him.

Rufus cants, 'at least i entertain some people'.

Legionaire cants, 'hehe'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'the answer is fumm'.

You gossip, 'thanks DogDaze ;)'.

Boromir gossips (in common), 'fummble?'.

Azeworai cants, 'so what did you do to get that job *evil dirty thoughts*'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'somebody has to keep an eye on Legionaire'.

Legionaire gossips, 'hehe'.
Legionaire gossips, 'never!'.

You cant, 'danced a little..  but its a secret!'.

Boromir cants, 'danced a little ... yeah'.

Azeworai cants, 'so t can i dance some and uhh yea and get a job in upper management?'.

You cant, 'how cute is your rear.  we'll talk'.

DarkClaw cants, '*laugh*'.

Rufus cants, 'aze your kinda of dancing is not aloud'.

Azeworai cants, 'i am told my arse is sexy'.

Clue cants, 'it's not allowed either'.

Rufus cants, 'yea thats what i meant'.

Azeworai cants, 'sniff,'.

Vidal questions (in common), 'what do goddesses do?'.

You cant, 'well they voted... not I'.
Vidal gossips (in common), 'like toku does areas'.

DarkClaw cants, 'You can dance for me, Aze.'.

Azeworai cants, 'wee atleast someone appreaceats me!'.

DarkClaw cants, '*grin*'.

DogDaze answers (in common), ''help god' helps explain'.

Legionaire gossips, 'AFK'.

Legionaire gossips, 'grubs up'.

You cant, 'well if your'e dancing can i watch??'.

Legionaire gossips, 'and with all my hard work as ambassador i need food'.

Azeworai cants, 'which part? heheheh'.

Boromir gossips (in common), 'yeah'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), '*gasp*  You mean Tynian doesn't feed you?!?'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), '*cough*'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'How rude!'.

Legionaire gossips, 'i dont even have pnts :('.

Legionaire gossips, 'ok afk'.

Vidal gossips (in common), 'QUESTS!'.
Stouthbound gossips (in common), 'bag that, there goes any thought of immorting!  I thought you guys had a buffet or something'.
Vidal gossips (in common), 'way down at the bottom it says they do quests!'.

Azeworai cants, 'lalala'.

You cant, 'sing to me Aze, amuse me'.
Azeworai cants, 'my music isnt allowed on a family mud:('.

You cant, 'you were young once sing me an elven lullaby'.

Boromir cants, 'hes better off burping it . .trust me :)'.

Azeworai cants, 'or licking it out'.

Boromir cants, 'I have heard horror stories'.

You cant, 'horror stories of Aze's lullaby?'.

Boromir cants, 'of his singing'.

Legionaire gossips, 'im back!'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Welcome back.'.

You gossip, 'everyone hide!'.
Legionaire gossips, 'everyone run and hide!'.

Legionaire gossips, 'hehe'.

Legionaire questions, 'anyone in need of help or tormentation?'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), '*ponder*  They're not one in the same?'.

Legionaire questions, 'help will cost ya but tormentations free'.

Legionaire gossips, 'they are very similar DC'.

Legionaire gossips, 'but i have more fun tormenting'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Heh'.

Schwartz tells you, 'holy crap'.

You tell Schwartz, 'not on the floor please!'.

Schwartz tells you, 'i leave for five minutes and you turn the place upside down'.

Pitt tells you, 'congrats!!'.
Schwartz tells you, 'gratz!'.

You tell Schwartz, 'only a little sideways ;)'.

You tell Schwartz, 'thanks!'.

You tell Pitt, 'thanks!'.

Twelf: Natilena promoted to Goddess
Mon May 24 05:44:13 2004
To: all
many congratulations, good luck with the new job!
(this is for real, right?)
Natilena: me???
Mon May 24 08:32:04 2004
To: all
*sniffle* me?? a fake?? *cry* and here i thought you liked me!

oh, and thanks too :)

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