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Mylk: A short poem and my retirement note.
Sun May 30 19:40:27 2004
To: all
The Man who Refused to Listen
Once long ago in a realm far away,
lived a king who ignored what his folks had to say,
"We want to have fun when we play in your town but the
rules you keep adding keeps bringing us down!
There are plenty of things that would make us quite glad,
but instead you spend time taking out what we had!"
He punished the evils, removing a spell, and drove out the
goddess who led them as well! He looked at the wealth they
had earned in their days and decided, "That too can be taken
away! The weakest of all shouldnt have to earn stuff, god
forbid they go hunting, thats simply too tough!"
The people spoke up but it fell on deaf ears,
just as it'd been doing for nearly 10 years.
"I dont have the patience to hear what they say! They dont
know whats best for the people today, for *I* am the king,
and *I* make the rules, this town is *mine*, the townsfolk are fools :P"
In the days that would follow he'd change lots of things,
from the way people fight, to the value of rings.
He just cant understand, in a town of this age,
that people prefer when some things never change!
But change them he did, and the people got bored,
They packed all their bags and they left him in hoards,
They moved to new towns with less stubbornly kings,
shinier gates and prettier things, but mostly more people,
and lots of new friends, while this "challenge"
has ended, a new one begins.

Thats it for me. Ive been here since '97 and it was fun while
it lasted. Had lots of characters and even more friends, most
of whom have left now.. People have always said "If you dont like
it here, go somewhere else", well, thats what Im doing. Tynian,
everyone knows this is your game, but please listen to your regulars.
They know better than you what makes playing here fun.
"How would they know better than me?" You might ask? When was the
last time you leveled a mortal up to 50 the hard way? Or fought an
Arch-Mage mob solo? Just listen to em.. If you wanna make a big change
like the recent "combat adjustment", you should poll the players and see
how many agree with it, just so you can see the kind of impact it will
have on the realm beforehand. Its just common courtesy to your patrons.
afterall, that TFC Contingency fund didnt just fill itself.
Mylk, Red Minstrel of the Green Pastures.

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