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Once: My hero
Tue Nov 16 15:46:58 2004
To: all
With no disrespect to Myla's sweet offering to Dragan
here is another version of a hero.

The warrior gripes her sword
awaiting the horde of unholy masses
to descend upon her pink flesh.
Her sword clangs off rusted armor and bent shield
but often it cleaves the rotten flesh
of the advancing undead.

While more rabid ghouls and specters
raze at the warrior's Elven body,
her battle cry goes unheeded
in the large tomb of forgotten heroes.
The disparate wails for peace
are cast aside like bits of token magic
as the undead regenerate their immortal sins
and continue to devour her soul.

She ravages onward to destroy them. They march
onward without thought of life, death or consquences.
Not evil, but unholy in appearance and action.
This brave Elven woman,
without a creed or alignment prejudice
stands alone to fight against the oncoming horde.
Until her arm is weary
and her body beaten and bloody,
she champions against the godless host
for the survival of the many.
My hero championed the many,
sacrificed the usual words,
and above all, kept the commandments
of Tynian's holy word.

She was and is the Keeper of Balance.

Once Uponatyme
Lesser Bardess of the Realm.
Arianas: My Hero.
Tue Nov 16 17:25:37 2004
To: all
He sits in Dwarvenhold, amongst the rats and mold
His one desire, is my pair of pliers
I lend him mine, he uncorks some wine
I shake my head, so he grabs a red
barrel from the back, I produce some jack
and take what's mine, and now I think it's time
I says I come here alot, why don't you gimme a slot
on your tab, dad

Churg begins to smirk, and so I jerk
out my knife, and take his life
and then, after a couple of swallows, i begin to wallow
in my self pity, how I hate this city!

Then I realise, this is just a guise
in my mind it clicks, it will only be a couple ticks
until Churg comes back, to take my stack

How I love you Churg! your the best I could expect from my old man!!!

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