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Elladan: Retirements
Tue Apr 27 04:08:08 2004
To: all
I wonder how tight red leather would look on me.
The thought of Skully lurking in the darkness watching me
in aforementioned garb is frightening.
Am truly saddened to see the recent departure of many
who provided part of the solid core of this game. But am not
surprised at Tynian's decision. TFC has weathered these times
before. And worse. Long Live the good crowd.
Elladan, retired and loving it. For now.
Laujar: TFC coming and goings
Tue Apr 27 05:36:26 2004
To: all
RE TFC, Tynians "choice" and retirements. My humble thoughts ...
There will always be change. People will always leave.
They will grow up ... grow down ... move out ... move in
whatever the reson I don't think anyone has said it is
because of Tynian or anyone else ... in fact most postings
praise the fantastic job we all really know Tynian and the Gods
do to make this the TFC we all know and love. Thanks guys and girls
great job ... I think you are fantastic.

We will all miss those who choose to leave but it is their choice
to make. You know they may even "choose" to come back ... let
me assure you ... others have *smirk*.

Anyway for those leaving ... take care but most of all have fun
for those staying ... take care but most of all have fun ;)
Laujar (was lost till he refound TFC but now ... he's still lost ;)

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