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Tue Jan 20 13:10:24 2004
To: all
FOR SALE: Walking maps of the Realm. Walking is good for your health! The vortex only carries
the young, unexperienced and vissible among us to the Demon Realm! Walking maps for sale!
Take a beautiful tour through the forrests of Haon D'or to the Woody Nymphs. See for yourself:
the forrests, birds, paths and roads, all made for YOU!
Do you actually know the Great Western Road is west of Midgaard? Do you actually know that
the Mountain of Knowledge is on the northern continent? Do you actually know there are 2 continents?
So once more again: take a walk, run, hike, crawl through the forrest, cities and villages!
For the brave among us, try crossing the seas to find the other continent!

Go out and explore!

Gytar-Hates Nightmares-D'Alchemist

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