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Lycron: My Retirement.
Sun Feb 1 14:52:44 2004
To: all
Well, first off I would like to thank the fine staff
of TFC for the years I have enjoyed playing here. I
have greatly enjoyed playing with all of you here
and have made a lot of friends. My retirement isn't
strictly based upon how things have changed here...
however on that token I would like to say this,
bad players will always be bad players, code will
not solve the problems that they create; but I
think it is very noble of Tynian to try to do
this, though I believe it is ultimately impossible
to stop some of these people. Many people are quite
hostile and then they claim to be RPing, well from
my own experience with Role Playing, RP is just an
extension of the person, so those who are hostile in
the MUD are most likely getting hostile outside it as

But enough of that, the primary reason for my leaving
is strictly based upon time constraints. I have a lot
to do and not enough time to do it all, some of you
know of my other project, and atop of that I'm
finishing up high school and working getting to the
whole college phase of my life now. So with that said.

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