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(located at port 4000)

Wunk questions (in aarakocran), 'is there going to be a reboot with the start of 
the quest?'.


Isolas questions (in common), 'Am I still in it?'.

Wunk gossips (in aarakocran), 'heh'.

Someone gossips, 'Yes, you're still in it =P'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'YES!!'.

Someone gossips, 'You would be more in it, however, if you play =)'.

Zero gossips (in common), 'oooooo Zero wants to play'.

Wunk gossips (in aarakocran), 'snap'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'I get too competitive, and I don't have any blood 
pressure to spare right now.'.

Someone gossips, 'Hrm, will this help relax you?'.

Someone gossips, 'Play or die, Isolas!'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'I'm in!'.

Someone gossips, 'Much better'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'if isolas wins, i get his prizes'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'If Isolas dies, I get his corpse?'.

Zero gossips (in common), 'If Isolas dies I want his corpse and the prizes'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'So...I can make a bag, that is'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Faile's been stalking me all morning... I think she's 
got herself confused with the elfchicks.'.

Isolas gossips (in common), '(So will I really die?)'.

Someone gossips, 'Are you going to play?'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Only if I have to to save my own life.'.

Someone gossips, 'Then you won't die =)'.

Someone gossips, 'At least not by my hand'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Can Toku be on my team?'.

Someone gossips, 'No, that would put you over the effective level requirement'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'bah!'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'oh wait'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'I can, Isolas just needs to be level 1'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Umm'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'I'll do it solo thanks.'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'aww man'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'ok, have it your way'.

Someone gossips, 'Everyone please note that Isolas has refused to be on a team 
with Tokugawa'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'i'll be on toku's team'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'ready for the drop in levels Thingone?'.

who thingone
1 players.
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Thingone eats his Boogas in the Dark.

Someone gossips, 'Wow, such dedication'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'let me keep my hp/mana'.

Tokugawa gossips, ':p'.

Someone gossips, 'Going to be hard to hang out for a solid week as level 1, too'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'man it's been years since i had a lvl 1'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Lady Tamar?'.

Someone gossips, 'Hrm?'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Do you know how you were taking suggestions yesterday 
on quest prizes?'.

Someone gossips, 'Yes'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'I came up with another unusual one'.

Someone gossips, 'Suggest away'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Enough circlets to level someone once.'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Say, 20k tnl...'.

Someone gossips, 'Isolas has already been added to the suggestion box'.

Faile gossips (in common), '20k of xp in circlets'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Let's see... what if instead of Toku's team, I was on 
the Lich's team. Could I keep my levels then?'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'If level 50, to be allotted to whom they choose'.

Someone gossips, 'Yes, but FLI's can't play'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'you could be level 3 then'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'What if I keep MY levels, and Lich is level 3?'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'hehe'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Heh'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'that's a really good idea isolas'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'I don't think he would go for that'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'i'm still shocked you came up with it...'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Acually, the Lich could be level 40'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Since Isolas is 35.'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Don't mind Thingone, he just likes to insult me on 
public channels then sing my praise on ftell.'.

Someone gossips, 'He might not be especially thrilled with his teammate though'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'oh now, I bet the Lich'd be thrilled!'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'I hear it's always been a dream of his to meet me.'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'He's not an elfchick, Iso.'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Rethink that last comment.'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Well, the teammate search goes on then.'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'since neither isolas or i will really participate... 
we should be able to be on a team'.

Someone gossips, 'Ah, I see death on the horizon...'.

Someone gossips, 'Death, a level 1, a level 3, and an unhappy Lich'.

Someone gossips, 'This is really shaping up =)'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'sweet'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'Team kickass'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'So I guess if me and Thingone can't be on a team, 
Me/Thing/Lich can't be on a team either.'.

Someone gossips, 'I think it's better if you're both on Kerriariadne's team though'.

Zero gossips (in common), '3 more mins.'.

Someone gossips, 'Oh you're right Zero, I'd better get busy'.

2 minutes til quest

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Beowulf's on my team!'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'Me and Beo are gonna beat everyone.'.

Isolas gossips (in common), '*beam*'.

Zero gossips (in common), 'ooooo Its 11!'.

Someone gossips, 'It's not 11 til I post the note'.

Someone gossips, 'Wow, spoken like a true god+ :P'.

Thingone cants, 'can we just participate?'.

Someone cants, 'Yes'.

Thingone cants, 'or do we have to be approved or something'.

Isolas cants, 'I'm in it to win!'.

Isolas cants, 'Me and Beo, the new Team Awesome!'.

Faile auctions (in common), 'Can anyone use an average 7 4/4 piercer AGAE?'.

Thingone cants, 'isolas youre in it to gather all the items, then i'm going to pk you'.

DarkClaw cants, '*laugh*'.

Isolas cants, 'I'm the trivia portion.'.

Isolas cants, 'You'll hafta kill Beo.'.

Thingone cants, 'ok'.

OK, it's 11 now

Quest has started

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