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Tynian: Inky death
Fri Nov 26 11:13:18 2004
To: all
Just so we're all on the same page, I reacted to a set of circumstances
this morning, and everyone should hear it from me.

This morning, Ink summoned a lower level to himself and another low level,
who proceeded to kill the summoned character.

I investigated. I noticed that Ink had been warned about picking on
lower levels before. I pulled a cmdlog of the incident. While Ink
could not attack the summoned character, he was actively involved, in
that he was spamming the exit closed.

I rifted (and killed) Ink, and indicated that his corpse was up for

A maelstorm of ... questions surrounded the incident.

I'll refer you to the FYI: Tynian: High levels picking on low levels. To
quote: "Too many policies that have to be enforced outside of code is a
drain on the game fun, and leads to assorted problem, most of which
arise out of uneven application of discipline for a variety of reasons.
[...] That said, in the case of hi levels picking on low levels, we
officially frown on it. And if a god+ sees it happen, and decides that
something should be done about it, then they may just show you what it
is like to be picked on by someone bigger than you. Maybe a rift...a
death spell...a trip to Scrie or never know. Be a bully and
you play with fire..."

Here's the thing: I can probably come up with code solutions that would
prevent a high level from involving themselves in lower level PKs. But
as you know, such "solutions" tend to impact more than just the
undesirable activity... and often, the cure can be worse than the

And really, I'd be just as happy not invoking the high levels picking on
low levels FYI. But if I notice something (or something is brought to
my attention) that looks funny, I have to investigate, and respond as I
feel is appropriate.

Ink got his corpse back, incidently.

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