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Tynian: Ink's actions
Wed Dec 8 18:45:47 2004
To: all
A couple of weeks back, I posted to 'all' the circumstances of me
killing Ink for picking on a "low level," by directly contributing to
the low level's death. As mentioned in a FYI, such behavior is
officially frowned on, and might get you killed.

Someone pointed out to me that the "low level" in this case was 20th
(effective) level, and that "low level" has traditionally meant below
20th. I did not realize at the time that the victim was (at least) 20th

While the language in the FYI did not explicitly state what a "low
level" was, I agree that in practice it has generally been understood
to mean those below 20th (effective) level.

Rather than using the ambiguity in the FYI about who is a "low level" to
defend Ink's slaying, I instead apologize to Ink for inadvertently
changing convention out from under him in this instance. This latest
event shall not count as a blemish against him from an administrative

In addition, the "High levels picking on low levels" FYI will be changed
to remove the ambiguity on who the FYI covers.


P.S. - This should not be taken to mean I approve of Ink's actions. It
was a crappy thing to do, but I shouldn't have put his corpse up for

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