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Gytar: It has been fun.
Sun Jun 13 08:31:35 2004
To: all

Dear all,
After 9 years of play, I feel it's time to retire. Thanks you all for playing
with me or against me. I would like to thank some people in particular:
Lady Ginny, Lords Coleman, Kalten, Robert and Tiax
Lords Tynian and Madman
Lins and all of his emotion
Whoz and all his characters
Riella, Lanfear, Aiken, Saruman, Noctus, Wolfgang and all other Dutchies around.
The followers in Mirth, Ivory Rose, Unity and Sun
Belgarion for our Velalisier adventurers
And all the others that made this Realm possible.
Gytar, D'Alchemist of Unity
Sharn, Stargazer of -Fate-
Tenuviel, Coven fresh!
Alsor Power
Ernoy Me
Total, the BBQing lil Ogur of Sun
Gedix, Sergeant of the Sun Defenders
JustMe, Venturon, Tourion, Amras

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