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Jaerith: The Zerg of Evil fleeing the Realm.
Thu Apr 22 07:58:52 2004
To: all

And the cycle is complete. After 8 years, I've seen
TFC go from a good-ruled realm with many heroes and
few an evil infested hell with countless
villains and only a few heroes, now it goes back to
potentially the TFC of yesteryear, of good rule.

took 8 years..not a bad run.

Where does this leave the players? Well, I suggest
you all take a look around you and chose wisely.
This is make-or-break time, my fellow mudders. You
chose to go with the flow(what so many have done
since late 98), or you go against it. Either way,
we are severely lacking in Evil in the realm. Now
would be a good time for up and coming demi's to
get themselves into a tight red leather suit and
cause some evil.
Lins: All the people retiring
Thu Apr 22 08:25:35 2004
To: all
I'll keep it short.
Thanks for all the thank you's in the notes.
It makes me feel good.
I hope everyone finds a good place, and that Tynian won't be discouraged by this mayor leave of players.
All the best to all of you and just have fun!


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