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Molo: Future followers of Schwartz
Thu Nov 18 16:12:42 2004
To: all


As Schwartz is completing his final days (or weeks) of being my
Attendant, I am offering an opportunity for him to get a headstart
gathering followers of his own.

Those wishing to follow Schwartz should seek him out by putting
his name in their title or by speaking to Hiro.

Potential followers of Schwartz will be invited guests of my
Conclave during the remainder of Schwartz' attendancy at which
point they will be released into Schwartz's new following.

As guests, Schwartz followers will abide by Schwartz's rules
and will not be expected to follow Conclave edicts.

Questions should be directed to Schwartz.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave

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